Arnaud Serie Golf, the influencer who ignites the web and the golf planet

In a few trickshots (mean the concept of creative entertaining videos), Arnaud Sérié, alias Arnaud Golf Series, has succeeded in putting a sport previously confined to confidentiality on the radar of Millennials thanks to the dazzling virality of its videos. Golf ? “An elitist sport, inaccessible, and especially for grandpa! Some will tell you. Clichés that this digital native absolutely does not want to hear about. Punchy interview with this banker, ex-military, turned influencer.

« Golf is a sport accessible to all and for all! So you have to put aside prejudices and open the doors to lots near you. As for the costs, it takes around 56 € (for an adult) and, moreover, many structures allow you to play golf à la carte thanks to monthly subscriptions (as in a gym). “, Intends to restore the influencer to 80,000 subscribers. Deconstruct to better democratize a discipline discovered late for theex-sergeant of the Army formerly officiating at the 5th engineer regiment of Versailles. The Parisian walked the lawn for the first time in a Golf in 2009, “ a revelation »For one who flourished mainly through the practice of Krav Maga, ping-pong and athletics. ” Moreover, I do not come from a family of golfers », He emphasizes.

And yet, 11 years later, the young thirty-something has become the face of the discipline in France. The man has an exponential loyal audience on social networks, very early on attracting the support of prestigious sponsors like brands such as TAG Heuer, Titleist or FootJoy. The first confinement was an ‘outlet’ for this hyperactive determined to ward off fate. To do himself good but also to spread good humor around him, Arnaud Golf Series, started designing Trickshots, first for fun. ” I immediately hooked with this original format that I discovered in Florida, the paradise of Golf! I had the chance to meet and play with big names in the discipline and, more particularly, with American Golf influencers. “, Rewinds the native of Val d’Oise.

The confinement and long days stimulate his creativity to imagine complex videos that flirt with the codes of artist-magicians. From his home in Saint-Mandé (94), he challenges himself to hit a ping-pong ball with his golf club in the center of a bracelet that swings and turns on itself. A bet taken up brilliantly. Other most viral sequences: from his terrace, he successfully targets a cup placed ten meters away on the kitchen counter … He also plays it smooth à la ‘Michael Jackson’ by portraying himself as the King of Pop in his iconic music video ‘Jam’ with Michael Jordan: from the back, Arnaud Serie Golf, imitates the star by pointing – most naturally and blindly – at a target several meters away. Here again, his success is insolent! Without special effects and with a lot of dexterity, the golfer reveals surprising artistic qualities. The aesthetics of its mini-spots also contribute to its nascent fame.

© Arnaud Serie Golf

Coming out of the first confinement, his community consolidates and is passionate about the unusual daily life of someone who occupies a rather down-to-earth profession of financier. Head of Mission Innovation within the LCL bank, he juggles with his two hats: “ My 52 weekends of the year make it easy for me to prevent golf from encroaching on my working time and to work on modernizing the image of this noble sport. », He confides. While golfing – often put ‘in the same basket’ as tennis – has not followed the same popularization path as this sport, the influencer replies: ” Tennis enjoys a much greater exposure in France in particular, thanks to tournaments such as Roland Garros where the media coverage is, de facto, much stronger. We also lack a charismatic tricolor personality embodying this sport as a Tiger Woods could have done in the United States. », He analyzes.

While waiting for the emergence of an exceptional champion made in France, Arnaud Golf Series does the job. This year he will join the jury of Golf trophies 2021, thus becoming the first influencer to sit in this type of event. He has also been recognized as one of the Top influencers in the world of Golf by the PGA Show 2020, a consecration coming from the biggest annual summit of the golf ecosystem. The holy grail in his eyes? May his videos increase the number of licensees in France and around the world. He also aspires to launch the first Golf entertainment program on national channels like a program broadcast on ABC in the United States, ” because in France, golf needs this type of initiative and exposure to broaden its audience. », He punctuates.

Today, the influencer pursues the objective of enhancing the French heritage (monuments and historic castles) in order to bring a cultural dimension to its videos. Other still confidential projects will soon be announced on its social networks.

Waiting, Arnaud Golf Series We gladly share the Top 6 of his favorite addresses:

In France, Le Golf National (Guyancourt, 78); The international golf course of Pont Royal (Mallemort, 13); The Golf PGA France du Vaudreuil (Le Vaudreuil, 27); Le Terre Blanche hotel spa golf resorts (Tourettes, 83); The Golf de Fontainebleau (Fontainebleau, 77) and Le Golf Barrière de Deauville (Saint Arnoult, 14).

In Florida, The PGA National Resort & Spa (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) ; The Trump National Jupiter (Jupiter, FL) ; The Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club (Orlando, FL) ; The Legacy Club (Alaqua Lakes, FL) et The Esplanade Golf & Country Club (Naples, FL).

His favorite is traveling, Golf & Resort of the year 2020: Puente Romano Beach Resort, Marbella, Spain

To go further, Little Golfer’s jargon:

Back spin : Back effect given to the ball. A ball that has a lot of back spin rolls soon after it hits the ground.

Bunker : Obstacle covered with sand. There are bunkers near the green but also on the course. They are there to make the course more difficult and penalize bad shots.

Fairway : Mowed part of the course between the tee and green.

Putting Green : The “Putting-Green” is a green specially designed for putting training. It is pierced with several holes, so that different players can practice at the same time. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the clubhouse.

Rough : Part of the course which borders the fairway on each side and also near the green. It is an unmown part of the ground from which it is very difficult to get the ball out.

Socket : Completely uncontrolled golf shot that starts to the right or to the left for left-handers, practically at right angles to the line of play.

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