Ethereum supporters have a grudge against the founder of Cardano (ADA), criticized on social media. Charles Hoskinson reacts and denounces intellectual dishonesty.

Who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind. Charles Hoskinson regularly has a tough tooth on Ethereum. With its Cardano project, qualified for a time as Ethereum Killer, its founder hopes to overshadow DeFi’s central blockchain.

However, his recurring statements stoke rivalry. And they in return earned Hoskinson attacks on social networks. But no question for the CEO of IOHK to turn a deaf ear. It therefore reacts in a video.

Cardano is not a “ghost chain” without Dapps

The leader denounces in particular the enormous ” amount of intellectual dishonesty “Which would be shown by” maximalistes d’Ethereum “. It must be said that according to him, Cardano has a head start on Ethereum.

In terms of applications, however, it is doubtful. The prosETH do not hesitate to qualify Cardano as ” ghost chaine ”. Completely unjustified criticisms in the eyes of its founder, who intends to provide counter-arguments:

“While we don’t have full programming capability at the base layer, applications like New Balance’s shoe authentication and cattle authentication with BeefChain are already using Cardano’s metadata capabilities. . And we wonder about the DApps running on Cardano? “

Charles Hoskinson doesn’t just answer doubts. And he risks adding more fuel to the fire by attacking Ethereum in turn. Because no, no doubt about it, he is not a fan of the blockchain and its projects.

For him, Ethereum boils down to a handful of individuals benefiting users through “ $ 100 transaction fees, yield farming, useless DeFi, NFTs sold millions, but useless and without interest. »

DeFi services will leave Ethereum if they find better

No doubt, Hoskinson knows how to address the Ethereum community and win its favor … or rather its wrath. And the boss of Cardano (ADA) to add more: ” There is no real substance that is sustainable or viable in the long term » sur Ethereum.

This is clearly excessive. Ethereum passed the billion transaction mark in 2021. The blockchain also hosts the main DeFi applications, which are not responsible for the fees. On the contrary, their development suffers.

But Hoskinson is right on one point at least: positions are not taken. ” In the crypto world, things change quicklyt ”, he emphasizes. Thus, DeFi is not ” not true to its underlying infrastructure. »

“These companies are not in the game to make money for Joe Lubin or Vitalik Buterin. They are there to provide a service. If it is better, faster and cheaper, with higher liquidity and more users on our channel than on another, then they will migrate out of self-interest, ”he warns.

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