Crocs with socks: Justin Bieber says yes

TREND | Justin Bieber’s second collaboration with shoe maker Crocs – a shoe that came with a pair of white socks – hits stores today, a few months after the singer’s first venture with the company contributed to the incredible success of the brand in 2020.

“Crocs with socks is really the trend,” said Justin Bieber

Main facts

  • The Lavender Clogs, which can be accessorized with “Jibbitz” charms, will retail for $ 69.99 and will be available on Crocs’ website and in its retail stores.
  • The shoes come with a pair of tall, white Drew House socks (Justin Bieber’s clothing line) which Crocs says combine to create a “one-of-a-kind fashion statement.”
  • “Crocs with socks are really the trend,” Justin Bieber said in a statement, adding that “they are comfy” and “trendy”.

The context

Justin Bieber is apparently a longtime Crocs fan, and has often been photographed wearing them. He’s not the first to collaborate with shoe makers – Post Malone, KFC and even Balenciaga have done so, with the latter producing Crocs 4.5-inch platform that cost $ 850 a pair. They were sold within hours.

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